Prosecco for the connoisseur.

As one of the brands that exclusively produces DOCG Prosecco, Vincelli is a symbol of elegance and timelessness. The result of the finished product is solely achieved by selecting the finest grapes, harvested only by hand …

The heart of Prosecco.

Nested deep in the heartland of the Prosecco growing zone, the DOCG on Vincelli’s label stands for the best quality of Glera grapes from the most central part of land. 100% Glera and fully harvested by hand in the steep vineyards, UNESCO heritage since 2019. 

Only 15 little villages make up the DOCG zone of origin with Valdobbiadene at it’s core. For more than three centuries the grapes for this special product have been cultivated here.

A Product of perfection.

Born in the hills of Valdobbiadene, Vincelli was designed to provide superior quality and reimagine the idea of Prosecco. Only selected grapes of DOCG origin are processed to deliver a sensational product, which comes from the heart of the Prosecco area.

An elegant manifestation of the Prosecco and Aperitivo lifestyle in Italy made for conscious consumers, fine-dining restaurants, and leading bars. 

The grand selection.


The purest manifestation of Prosecco. Low residual sugars and elegant flavors from a long and sophisticated fermentation process.

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Extra Dry

The Allrounder. A well-balanced Extra Dry with fine hints of apple, pear and typical nuances of the Glera flavor profile.  

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